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Does your architecture capability add a clear value to your business?

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Influence Tech is a management consulting firm powered by Collective Intelligence

We are a value driven company with great passion in people and technology.

Emerging Architecture

Most businesses do architecture because its “the right thing to do” and “everybody is doing it”. To become truly successful and gain real and measurable value from these activities, architecture and business design in general need to be set up gradually and become integrated within the business with a crystal-clear ownership and purpose.

“If the goal is to reduce complexity, the method for doing architecture can't be that complex.”

Peder Landberg


Start small, succeed and build from there.

Data as an Asset

Traditionally collecting customer data through customer surveys is not enough, as what they say and what they do is different. Understanding your customer is understanding their behavior.

“Your offerings of tomorrow grows out of your insights today. Use all the senses of your organisation to truly understand your customer.”

Therese von Schéele


Leverage technology to enable relevant customer care

Business Operations & Automation

To succeed with AI there is a whole ecosystem of your current technology that needs to work as one organism and we call that intellligent automation.

“To truly benefit from the technology evolution, your business needs a culture allowing for creativity, collaboration and growth.”

Nicklas Ahlroth


Boost your business by bringing out the best in people and technology.

Digital Strategy & Services

Real lasting benefits from digital transformation comes when you master the balance between optimizing the current state, at the same time extending and innovating for new revenue and growing your business for sustained relevance in the future. Thus, creating a double-leverage.

“Digital strategy is ultimately about unlocking your business potential through leadership and people. And then to apply the right technology to grow the business”

Christoffer Vollmer


Maturity leaders win by putting digital at the core of every business decision