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We actively seek complexity, where our customers stand in front of both challenges and opportunities, and need specialist capability to prepare, drive, and realize desired results. Often a combination of business, technology, and culture which often operating both within the business as within IT. We specialize in formulating strategy, taking the lead of program or tactical initiatives, as well as shorter assignments where our subject matter experts set the direction of the change needed to happen.


The technology evolution changes what your business needs to do to remain competitive in the marketplace. The future is uncertain and will be dominated by flexible organizations able to keep up with the rapid technology change. This creates a need for a People strategy.

We were tasked with improving the way technology was supposed to support new business strategies. To tackle immediate and disruptive changes to the client’s industry, a tactical architecture mapping to new capabilities and a long-term IT roadmap were developed – addressing both people and technology.

Case: IT Landscape and Architecture Assessment


Insight: Human excellence in the age of automation

For artificial intelligence and robots “the hard things are easy, but the easy things are hard.” While computers easily beat genius humans at chess, they might need the assistance of a 5-year old human to flip a pancake. The dynamic processes that enable groups to function and grow require humans to excel at being human. Influence Tech helps you create a future characterized by humans and machines collaborating, each doing what they do best!

Case: Pricing Model Rollout

Influence Tech led and executed a project based on the implementation of a new pricing model in MS Dynamics, within the asphalt industry. The project led to increased predictability and transparency of reusage of asphalt, through significant changes in the information structure.

Insight: Every AI Strategy Requires a People Strategy

Case: Data as a strategic asset


In the rapidly changing retail industry, data as an enabler to insights and growth has become a fact. Based on the client’s situation, a strategy was developed where data was considered as the main strategic asset for further efficiency and improved customer experience. The strategy outlined how culture, people and technology come together to get the true value from data.

Insight: What enables AI to prosper?


If we ever want to get a glimpse of the world outside the porch of the current state of AI applications, we will need to figure out a way to solve the issue of collecting enough data. Data has shape - and the shape matters, now more than ever.