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A fast-growing company creating the next generation consulting

We apply our passion in business development to create extraordinary results. With research-based philosophy and a fearlessness of evolving technology we champion complex problems to create sustainable results. Do you want to make a difference? Join us if you have the courage to pioneer into the next generation of business development where people and technology co-create a new way forward, a new tomorrow.

“We are passionate about people and the care to unleash creativity and collaboration. Join us if you want to be a giant at mind and heart!”

Therese Von Schéele
Consultant & Recruiter

Become a Pioneer!​

We are a fast-growing consultancy firm with a unique twist – we combine our passion for tech driven business development with care and engagement for people. Join us if you are ready to build the next generation management consultancy.

Doing our thing

Our philosophy is that both individuals and groups grow their capabilities through collaboration using collective intelligence, enabling gradual change. In our team we appreciate each other's differences since they are our strengths when we collaborate. We believe that curiosity, warmth and respect of each other helps us achieve our objectives

Value driven

Our main objectives are sustainable results for our customers and growing a workplace which offer us a place of personal growth and inspiring work. By our great minds and genuine hearts we make a difference for our customers and the society when delivering sustainable results.

“Experiencing the results we create by leveraging collective intelligence is very rewarding, and I truly believe there is no other way to reach sustainable results in tech driven business development.”

CEO & Consultant
Kristian Szybowski