Do you want to be leading at customer experience in your industry?

Customer expectations in the digital era is that we fully solve their need and not just a part of it. Added to that they expect a convenient and smooth experience and appreciate an unexpected tweak. You now you are the best to solve the basic customer need but the effort to do it all is challenging. What you can do is to build the customer service ecosystem by using value network business models and excelling in service & offering structure.

In the digitialized business world, customers expect us to understand their needs and provide a complete solution to deliver business value.

Customer expectations change rapidly and often in the fast-paced world of digital services development. Even if you've been successful in the past, it is unlikely that you will continue to succeed if you don't keep up with new trends and meet new demands.

You need to excel in other, and often new capabilities outside your current core. However, it’s not always profitable to specialise in more areas. It might transpire that when you eventually have your new core capability in place, the next thing is already on the market and your new capability isn’t that relevant anymore.

"The big question is: How do you win customers without spending too much in the process?"

It is important to design and implement value network business models which define your extended core offering and what partner collaborations you should focus on to deliver the best services alongside top-notch customer experience. This will create foundation for delivering what customers need and expect, but still be reactive and flexible to change partnerships when the next trend comes around.

But, the success lies in the detail.

The value network business models describes the overall picture, but you also need to have a well defined and modular service structure. By implementing a modular service structure, you have clear view on what you have, when and what to add. By deciding what parts of your services should be fixed and what parts are customisable you can achieve automated, affordable and flexibility offerings. This will meet both customization and cover broader customer segment needs.


Value network business models and modular service structure is a good foundation for retaining customers through high customer experience.