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Hey students and newly graduates, this is your place

“The fact that I was able to combine my two greatest interests, technology and business, surrounded by experienced people made Influence Tech the perfect choice for me after graduation.”

Timothy Liljebrunn
B.Sc Business Administration & M.Sc. Information Systems, Lund University

Influence Tech is the next generation consulting company. We provide organizations with technology driven business development powered by collective intelligence. With a passion for creating high performing groups and individuals, we focus on enabling our customers.

More specifically, we’re a group of 20-something people (we’re constantly growing) with different backgrounds. Some have spent almost 20 years at a bank, others are doing triathlons on their spare time, a few just graduated, some are fashionistas, and some are tech-geeks. We’re a group of people with different stories who gather around our passion for technology and people.

Working as a consultant at Influence Tech means that you will solve business problems with the use of technology by engaging people. We actively seek complexity and with curiosity and bravery we take on challenges. Such challenge could be to help companies enhance their customer experience, to automate their production or to implement emerging technology. In all project we focus on their business intent, technology and culture.

During your first time at Influence Tech we focus on getting you the best prerequisites to becoming a great consultant – that, we believe is done with an 18 month program which our most experienced consultants put together. Along with other talents you get to work on complex projects, you get trainings, mentorship, reflection and a lot of focus on personal development. A complete package for continued learning and sustainable results!

“Get in touch, or simply send me your resume!”

Joel Larsson
Responsible for the Graduate program

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