In a constantly changing marketplace with increasing complexity, the USP (unique selling point) of a business cannot be seen as something static. Your ability to collaborate and apply new technology faster than everyone else is the key to success. Your USP is not to have ONE, instead your USP is the ability to re-generate USP's.

Does your organization gather around a notion of having a specific USP? Is being locked into ONE factor of uniqueness sustainable in the present fast moving markets? This article argue that an USP is an elusive static in the moment because people, technology and hence marketplace is in constant change.

Referring to an USP as something captured and to hope that this secret sauce will keep on differentiating the value offering going forward is not probable, maybe even unrealistic.

Reasoning being:

  • Rapid technology evolution and in itself has become a commodity and will standalone not make any organization unique

  • Information is available to all, hence individual competence and/or the knowledge base of the organization is losing its value versus ability to apply knowledge

  • Large scale production/assembly of goods and services as we have known it the last 150 years, has past it expiry date. Historic super fixes of internal value offer assembly is less differentiating as more value creation is made with the surrounding ecosystem. 


The perspective of this article is that organizations must seek new ways of working to unlock the potential of themselves and to collaborate actively with their ecosystem. Studies show that business complexity has multiplied 35 times over the last decades, so only adding more structures such as agile methodologies into your ways of working but not cater for a collaborative culture may only contribute further to this business complexity.  Not creating the intended sustainable relief internally nor towards the potential with future collaborations partners.

At Influence Tech we believe the key is in the combination of how you apply technology and leverage your collective ability to evolve more rapidly competition

Influence Tech drive a researched based approach where the key is in the combination of how build high performing teams and to apply technology to maximizing business value. This is achieved by investing in people’s ability to collaborate, making it possible for organisations to leverage technology beyond others. Harnessing this ability is a sustainable USP.

Technology of tomorrow will be different than technology of today, and so will customer demand. The capability of organizations to adjust and even predict the context of tomorrow lies in people and their creativity to apply technology in your business in order to meet customer demand. So, claiming an USP is not to have ONE, instead the USP is the ability to re-generate USP's.


Is your current unique selling point (USP) sustainable?