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A better tomorrow through collaboration and tech ENABLED business TRANSFORMATION

The ability of your people to apply technology is what creates your uniqueness. Our passion is to help you combine business intent, technology and culture. Technology has become a commodity and the implementation of it is mastered by many. The differentiation of your value offering is created by high performing teams leveraging collective intelligence to create uniqueness for your customers. Sustainable results are created by bringing out the best in people and technology. A formula impossible to copy/paste by your competition.


Influence Tech started as a company in January of 2018, but had existed as an idea and passion long before that. It was, and still is, a desire to create a workplace where specialists take their next step - both as professionals and individuals. We believe in the power of the collective, where the diversity of us as a team adds to the sum of our capability. With the promise to propell tech driven business development at our customers, often in complex settings, we need to be at our best at all times. We strive towards excellence and the saying 'Consulting done right' reminds us of what we want to be known by with our customers and what our ambitions are with regards to the craftmanship we do every day.


As a young company, specializing within biztech consulting, we also have the great opportunity to be a part of a bigger context, Newground Alliance. An alliance consisting of several companies sharing our view of specialization but also values. In all we are 200 consultants, and together we are able to cater to the complexity which our customers find themselves in. Just to mention a few of the capabilites you will find; advanced analytics, people transformation, financial and regulatory expertise and procurement specialists. Your business consists of a set of value chains, and we are proud to be relevant in most of them. And when we are not, then we will tell you so as we believe in consulting done right. 


Tech driven business development, powered by collective intelligence. This is a tall order which requires us to be a capable team of consultants, and further an excellence in applying ourselves at the unique situations that arise at our customers. We respond to this by competence and experience of our consultants, but also how we chose to operate as a consulting company - we can realize the needed results if and only when high performing collaboration is present. Collective intelligence (CI) is a researched based philosophy which we drive in partnership with Stockholm School of Economics.


“We believe in the power of the collective, together we create exceptional results with people and technology”

Wayne Elliston

CTO & Consultant

“Automation, AI and ML is not the challenge, it is for humans to apply it in a business context"

Tomas Beckeman

CEO & Consultant


We are part of an alliance of independent niche consultancy experts with individual perspective and offers, united by a shared belief in a new way of management consulting

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